Robin Siino

Robin Siino

I’m a business and Leadership Coach with a focus on Real Estate. I am a certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach as well as a Certified SUCCESS coach.

I have been in the coaching field for over 15 years and have successfully coached hundreds of Real Estate Professionals.

My Philosophy is that what we think creates our outcomes and that anything we can believe, we can achieve. Our minds are powerful tools that once set in the right direction cause us to be unstoppable.

In my many years of coaching I have come to realize that most of us do not lack for ideas, we simply struggle in the implementation of those ideas and that the Coachee has within them the answers and it is the role of a coach to support them in the discovery of their next logical step. Once decided upon we work together to develop a business plan and strategies to accomplish your goals.

I’m also trained in speaking and training and have been the Keynote speaker for multiple industry events including the National Women’s Council of Realtors in 2019. Along with developing multiple training courses for Realtors at all levels of production I was on the mastermind for the book SHIFT, How top Realtors tackle Tough Times with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

If you are looking to breakthrough to a new level of development, we need to talk.

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