Reed Wilson

Reed Wilson

I was raised in Southeast Idaho and migrated to Boise in 2000. I began my career in Real Estate as a Mortgage broker in the mid 90’s. I eventually got licensed as a Realtor in 2005.

Going into 2008 was extremely difficult and I realized I did not have the skills to compete and eventually lost everything. I focused more into the lending side of things till the market started coming back. In 2016 I decided to make a change and move to North Idaho for a better quality of life but unfortunately I had no sphere. I moved into a small resort community where it seemed like there was a realtor on every corner. I knew I had to get better than I was so I got a mentor then doubled down into coaching.

I went from brand new agent again to being in the top 2% of Realtors within 5 years. I attribute it to the great coaching and mentoring I received during that time. I came to be a huge believer in coaching and what it can do for those that are willing to look inside themselves and hold themselves accountable.

Today, I continue to seek coaching and have 3 coaches at this time. I feel my ability to understand people’s needs, listen to their concerns, and commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction allows me to help others understand and reach for their goals. I am also a real estate business owner and have a team that I work with and I am in the trenches with everyday.

I find success in watching others find their success and by sharing my failures and successes.

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