Reed Wilson

Reed Wilson

Hi I’m Reed. I was raised in Idaho and began my career in Real Estate as a Mortgage broker in the mid 90’s after an extensive sales and finance background. I eventually got licensed as a Realtor in 2005.

I have seen the fluctuations in the market over the years and have had to learn certain skills to be able to succeed with the ongoing changes of the real estate industry. In 2016 I decided to make a change and move to North Idaho for a better quality of life but unfortunately I had no sphere. I moved into a small resort community where it seemed like there was a realtor on every corner.

I went from being a successful agent to moving and starting over from scratch. Within 5 years I was able to be in the top 2% of Realtors and I attribute that to the skills I acquired over the years from mentoring and coaching.

Today I continue to be coached and strive to continually better myself. I love to be able to also be a part of someone else’s growth and success and share what I have learned over the years. I not only coach but continue to work my real estate business and team and am licensed in 2 states. I am in the trenches everyday dealing with the same problems and concerns as many of you. I am also a father and grandfather and love spending time with my family.

– 30 years in the Real Estate Industry
– 18 years as a licensed agent
– Team Lead and Team Owner
– Multi State Licensed
– ICON Agent

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