Rebecca Robb

Rebecca Robb

Rebecca Robb
Self Core Growth Coach

Zealous in matching career with a calling, Rebecca supports individuals focus on the core self and career decisions by cultivating self-awareness to strengthen behavior patterns, communication skills, and uncover creative solutions to harness whole life balance using reflection, integration and accountability practices.

If you are starting your entrepreneurial journey or revamping your career, building a team or struggling with relationship management someone who focuses on behavior, motives, emotions, and communication skills is one key to success.

Qualified Service You Will Experience Working With Rebecca:

– Two decades experience in small business operations, human resource compliance, employee performance and project management
– Growth Development Coach for entrepreneurs in both self-improvement skills in business management, leadership, communication, mindset, building community & team building, and vision execution
– Experienced Group Leadership Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
– Bachelors and Masters of Science in Business Administration, HCM; University of New Orleans
– Certified SUCCESS® Coach
– Certified in Abelson DISC encompassing training on Behavior, Motives, Driving Forces, Stress (Leader Stress/Team Stress), Dimensional Balance (Security/Insecurity, Reliability & Consistency)
– Certified in Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient assessment to aid self-development skills by bringing awareness to the core-self in alignment, beliefs, identity and the impact of embracing or modification of behaviors and emotions
– Founder and co-leader of a pro bono group designed to enhance whole life wellness using both teaching and coaching skills in one space uncovering the core-self and connecting self development with a practical path forward
– Licensed Realtor, Louisiana
– Success Space Cafe | Cowork | Coaching Franchisee & Operator, Greater New Orleans Area

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– Small business start-up advisement
– Program development for actionable lessons for spiritual & self development, getting clear on the things we need or desire to be our best selves
Volunteer board event planning, fundraising and community engagement; and a penchant to use existing free/affordable resources, the “Becky make it work” acumen.

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