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Gail DeMarco

As team lead for the top producing eXp Realty office in Northern California’s Greater Sacramento market, Gail DeMarco is a highly sought-after speaker and coach with an infectious energy and zest for life, which she shares with her team and coaching clients.  Licensed in both California and Florida she divides her time between both coasts teaching agents how to leverage their time, implement systems that will set you free, and how to make the right hire when building a team.

In just 8 short years, Gail has consistently ranked in the top 3 for production in the Greater Sacramento area.  Beginning as a solo agent, she eventually became the top producing agent while at Sotheby’s.  She then moved on to start a team at ReMax Gold, where she was ranked as the top producing luxury agent out of 928 agents.  Her team of 8 went on to sell over $400 million in 2021 and $369 million thus far in 2022. In five short years she grossed $989,000 in GCI and continued to break over the million dollar mark in GCI every year after. In 2021, she moved her team to eXp Realty so everyone could benefit from being part of an agent owned company focused on serving and education.

Gail credits much of her success to her immigrant father who worked 3 jobs and at the age of 65 passed his Bar Exam. He taught her that education is the pillar of success, and to never give up, which gave her the inspiration, tools and the “Can Do” mindset to become the best at anything in life. As a Certified Success Coach, Gail has found a new passion in sharing her knowledge of the industry as well as running a well oiled business which most agents don’t understand.

Her life experiences include published author for Harley Davidson, unit photographer for Turner Broadcasting and photographer for the Doobie Brothers, Kenny Loggins, ZZ Top, Willie Nelson to name a few.  Gail was in the photography business for over 20 years which taught her people skills and shaped her compassion for others and created a boundless work ethic, which have contributed to her success in the real estate industry. A mother of four exceptional human beings and six grandkids has given her a renewed focus on work life balance, using systems and leverage to keep the deals running smoothly and generate consistent cash flow.

“I want my clients to have the leverage they need to take time off and have the life and freedom they deserve while building a legacy that will bless their families for generations. I work now because I want to, not because I have to and that’s my goal for you. There’s no better feeling than financial freedom and knowing your family and friends can have the best version of you. I also believe “Health is Wealth” and that’s why I’m passionate and committed to the “Success Health Program”

I am focused on helping agents 10X their production while building an organization that will set them free. If you want a coach that is actually selling in the trenches with you and you are ready to commit to changing your legacy, and getting off the hamster wheel let’s talk.  Let’s climb Mount Everest in the real estate world together, excited to be your sherpa on this amazing mission!”

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