Eli Schaugh

Eli Schaugh

My life’s passion is helping other people succeed personally and professionally by developing a foundation of positivity and excitement about their life and business. I believe that everyone should feel passionate about their life and deserves success, joy, wealth, and prosperity, so I spend my time working with people who are ready and motivated to actively improve their life.

I have been working as a coach in many capacities throughout my entire life. I define coaching as helping others achieve higher levels of success through guidance, accountability, and purposeful growth to accomplish a specific goal. My first coaching position was in sports because coaching is actually a tradition in my family. My grandfather, often referred to as, “The Coach,” has been coaching fencing for over 60 years and is the second high school coach ever to be inducted into the USA Fencing Hall of Fame. Starting at the age of 5, I was trained to break down strategies and techniques so that I could better understand them and effectively teach them to others based on each individual’s learning style. Growing up training and competing with Olympians, I learned the value of hard work, dedication and practice in order to achieve your goals at the highest standard. My grandfather also taught me that having a passion and appreciation for what you spend your time doing, whether at work or at home, is the bedrock for success—however you define it. My passion for supporting the success of others was born out of the lessons I learned from my grandpa and the excitement I feel helping others win.

My clients’ success is my mission, so I have spent years honing my own skills because my clients deserve the very best. In order to create the new results you want, you must shift your mindset to new ways of thinking. That’s why I consistently seek out ways to improve myself, and my clients, through continuing education and training. I consistently utilize my experience, training, and background to facilitate successful results for my clients.

I have grown my own businesses by learning to shift my mindset, maintain focus on the task at hand, engage confidence whenever it was needed, and close a sale with integrity and ease. I have studied and implemented ways to communicate more effectively, and as a result, my consultations have improved, my negotiations lead to better outcomes, and I regularly create win-win solutions for my clients. Those same techniques apply to my personal life as well and have helped me significantly improve my relationships and my life as a whole.

I have chosen to dedicate myself to a career as a coach because everyone deserves to have a life full of passion, positivity, excitement, motivation, joy, and hope. Every day, I work to better myself and my clients with the many tools and techniques I have developed and mastered as a coach. The positive results that my clients experience motivate me to help people become their best and thrive. Growth is possible, and I am here to help you in every and any way I can.

A guiding principle of the way I coach comes from my grandfather – keep it positive. Many coaches, including many whom I hired for myself in the past, use pain and negative reinforcement to essentially bully people into getting results. I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THAT APPROACH. Negative motivation can be a helpful kick in the butt, but it’s a poor way to create lasting momentum or generate change. That’s why my coaching philosophy is purposefully positive. When you hire me, it’s because there is something important that you want and it is my job to support you, lift you up, get you what you want, and help you achieve a strong and well-balanced state of mind. Anytime we discover a pain point, we will be certain to discuss and resolve it so that you are always moving in a positive direction toward what matters the most to you. As your coach, I believe that continual growth is what will lead to lasting success. When I do my job right, you will be able to go out on your own and thrive. When you succeed, I will celebrate your wins with you. And if you ever need a boost, I will be there to lift you up again.

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