Colt Charlebois

Colt Charlebois

Meet Colt Charlebois. A man with a passion for seeing leaders live more fully alive in their purpose and calling.

As the result of spending many years building a real estate business for financial gain, it led to a crash that had a severe impact on his health and relationships. That was Colt’s wake up call to begin living for a higher purpose.

Today, Colt realizes that purpose by coaching and training leaders to recruit top talent, increase profit and build businesses that create meaning and fulfillment.

If you have a vision stirring inside and need the right team around you, or you’re on the edge of burnout and not sure how to save yourself from a crash, book a strategy call with Colt to help the path become clear once again.

Quick Facts:

  • 15 years real estate sales & team experience -8 years coaching experience -Reputation for doubling businesses year after year -Known for helping men become better husbands and fathers

Key Skills:

  • Partnership Alignment
  • Rebuilding Confidence after a setback
  • Recruiting Top Talent
  • Increasing Profit
  • Finding Deeper Meaning in life
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