andrea Davis

Andrea Davis

Bringing a compassionate, joyful attitude to serving her clients, Andrea Davis is making an impact on people’s lives every day and having the time of her life doing it. A Michigan native who traded the cold winters for sunny Florida in 2019, Andrea still owns the successful cleaning company she started in Michigan, where her love of real estate was first kindled. “When I started my cleaning company, I found that I enjoyed working with real estate agents the most,” Andrea recalls. “I just loved watching the real estate market turn! Every time I met a new agent, they would tell me I would make a great real estate agent, so after I moved to Florida I got licensed.”

Almost immediately after Andrea got her start, the pandemic hit, but she made the best of the situation and her business took off quickly.

“After I sold my first house, the floodgates opened and I started building my team from there,” Andrea says. Now, as the team leader of Team Ocean Breeze, Andrea has many knowledgeable buyer’s agents working under her, including her husband and son-in-law, as well as a competent admin staff. The team has become an incredible production machine with an established footprint, serving Charlotte and Sarasota counties.

Team Ocean Breeze thrives because Andrea encourages them to bring the best of themselves to real estate.

“I’ve built our team based on letting people do what they do best,” she explains. “When you concentrate on your strengths, you’re so much more successful. Every person here is operating at full capacity, doing what they love and what their passion is.” As a result, Andrea says, “Production increases significantly, and morale is unbelievable! Everybody is happy, positive, and optimistic about what they do.”

This approach has proved a resounding success, and Andrea has earned the high honor of ICON status with eXp Realty.

When she is not working, Andrea loves spending time with her family and living the fabulous Florida lifestyle. She loves being by the pool with her kids and grandkids, as well as traveling, boating, and doing anything outdoors, from kayaking to fishing.

As for what the future holds, Andrea says, “I plan to grow the team and keep doing what we’re doing, duplicating and multiplying the awesomeness! I want to keep encouraging all of the agents to keep producing and bringing more people to the team. I love being able to see the gifts and talents people have that they don’t even see within themselves, and helping bring out that excellence. That’s what really drives me.”

Andrea has the utmost gratitude for her clients and team. “Not a day goes by that we don’t think about how incredibly blessed we are,” she says. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we could not do this without every single client and team member. I’m grateful for all of our clients and team members. This is an amazing team to work with or be on, and we’d love to have more awesomeness with us! For anybody who has a need in real estate anywhere, we are happy to help!”

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