Amy Sedgwick

Amy Sedgwick

I was a burnt out, bankrupt broker, exhausted and anxious about how I would ever be able to retire. I knew I had to find a way to shift my time for money mentality to a mentality of prosperity and passive income. I did this by becoming a niche marketing master. I went from burnt out & bankrupt to being a top producer, 3X ICON agent, author and YouTube creator. I went from the bank taking my house, to owning several short term rentals in Mexico, free and clear. I am shifting from transactional income to a more passive income, all of which is part of my five year plan.

Since I drilled down on my niche and developed my five year plan I have felt hopeful again for the future. I am proof of what the power of setting intentions can accomplish.

I am absolutely passionate about helping others discover what it is they truly want, helping them set up the mentality to realize it, and helping them create their plan to achieve it.

I have been a real estate broker since 1999, & 3X ICON agent with eXp Realty. I am the author of A Buyers Guide to Floating Homes. My two YouTube channels are: Destination Retirement and Floating Homes Portland.

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Amy Sedgwick

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