Health Group Coaching To Feel Your Best
Want to look and feel your very best? So do we! And SUCCESS Health Coaching can help you reach your goals. We take a holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond just physical fitness and sets you up for long-term success.

What is Group Health Coaching?

Certified health coaches


Our coaches have extensive backgrounds and experience in nutrition and exercise. From athletes to nutritionists and personal trainers, our team of professionals has one goal in mind: your health.

Health coaching in a group setting


We know that to make long-term changes, you need to be surrounded by a community of like-minded people working together to reach their goals and holding each other accountable.

Holistic Approach


Typical health coaching programs focus on one area of health, such as diet or exercise. Our program teaches you how to be more than just physically fit, we focus on an individual’s overall wellness.

Why Group Health Coaching?

In our Group Health Coaching, we bring the experts to you. We put you in front of the right people to arm you with the right information to make meaningful and sustainable changes. Our experts look at a wide variety of areas that impact overall health, including:

Identify the root causes that are holding you back and build the habits for a healthier you!

Benefits of Group Health Coaching

The benefits of Group Health Coaching are far-reaching and go beyond losing weight and gaining muscle. They include:

We help you overcome “plateaus” and “stuck points,” arming you with the knowledge you need to gain better health in less time and with less frustration!

"Make no mistake - you’ll set the goals and you’ll do the work - but they’ll lead you to insights you’d never discover on your own and help you realize what you’re fully capable of. Looking back on these last several months, I cannot believe I’ve experienced so many positive changes. I've been sober for over six months, which was an important fitness and health goal for me, and I now maintain a regular exercise routine. This holistic coaching with SUCCESS has changed my life and I will absolutely always treasure our coaching relationship!"
Christina Dozier
Christina Dozier

Get to Know Our Certified Health Coaches

Jeff Rubenstein - SUCCESS Group Health Coach


Jeff is a SUCCESS Health Group Coach as well as a 1:1 SUCCESS-Certified Coach. In addition, he is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Spartan Race Team USA Member, Former Division 1 College Football Player and Real Estate Team Leader.

Betty Gales - SUCCESS Group Health Coach


Betty’s passion is learning, growth and contribution. Her life work has centered on being the best version of herself and helping others do the same. At the core of her work is her fundamental belief that health and happiness are vital to becoming the best version of yourself.

Robert Bowler - SUCCESS Group Health Coach


Robert has real-world clinical experience connecting human performance with health interventions. As a SUCCESS Health Group Coach, he believes that when our lives are in balance we live our best lives, and health is the foundation to this balance.

Invest in your health for a better you!
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