Rick Torrison

Rick Torrison

Rick Torrison is the visionary founder of Right Now Leadership LLC and Revival Rivers Non-Profit, with an established international presence as an author, sought-after speaker and certified Success & John C. Maxwell coach. More than a quarter-century of hands-on experience, Rick has emerged as a widely respected authority specializing in helping passionate and growth-minded leaders unlock the full potential of their identity. 

Rick has collaborated with an array of Fortune 500 corporations, including HCA Healthcare and State Farm.  His expertise lies in strengthening teams and coaching leaders to achieve their highest potential. Rick is most passionate about serving entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and leaders at every level.  With a Doctorate in Community Transformation and specialized certifications in DISC, communication, accountability, and coaching, he’s a trusted authority in the field.   

Rick’s thought leadership has been showcased in various professional publications, notably American CEO and Somebody Cares International magazines, amplifying his influence in the realms of leadership, communication, and personal growth. 

Pioneering a proprietary coaching process, Rick employs a set of six powerful questions to guide individuals and organizations in constructing their Roadmap to Significance. This transformative approach systematically dismantles limiting beliefs, paving the way for the realization and utilization of one’s true identity. 

Whether you’re an individual wrestling with self-imposed constraints or an organization seeking to elevate its collective productivity, Rick Torrison provides the strategic insights and tactical expertise required for impactful growth and enduring success. 

Elevate your leadership journey with Rick Torrison, and step into the full power of your identity today. 

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