Jackie McKelvin

Jackie McKelvin

I got into Real Estate because I knew that I could make a greater difference in the lives of buyers and sellers around me. I had bought and sold before personally, and I knew that I could serve my clients at a higher level. With a real estate purchase being the greatest purchase that most consumers every buy, I wanted to assist them and the highest level possible. I knew I could be a realtor, where the client’s goal would be my mission.

In my previous brokerage, I rose to the top 10% in production in my first 10 months. Being a successful real estate agent, and a great leader, I became the leader of that office, which grew to over 200 agents. I continued to assist my clients, as well as taught, coached, and mentored agents in my office. Now, I am with eXp Realty, which has a supportive community and a technology platform that will more effectively assist me in greater support of my clients and their real estate goals.

Now, in addition to serving my real estate clients, I greatly delight in coaching agents towards their personal real estate goals. Coaching agents towards their goals provides great delight in being even a small part in the success of any agent.

My favorite part of being a real estate agent and a Success Coach is the knowledge that I am assisting others to get to the finish line in reaching their real estate goals. Their Goal is My Mission! And when I get them to their goal, through all the hurdles that we together overcome, it brings great satisfaction to everyone.

My passion is to grow a legacy for my husband, children and grandchildren, and the friends who mean the most to me. I live to bring honor to the Lord, and lead others to their best life through speaking, teaching, and coaching. One of my favorite things to do, beside real estate is speaking to an audience about life-changing truths that make a difference for them. I also enjoy many sports like basketball and volleyball and softball. I live an active lifestyle and enjoy health, happiness, and a spirit of gratitude.

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