Elizabeth “Betty” Gales

Betty Gales has a passion for learning, growth, and contribution.  She has been a successful realtor, coach , Entrepreneur in Charleston, SC for over 30 years . Her life work has been about being the best version of herself and helping others do the same. At the core of her work is her fundamental belief that health and happiness are vital to becoming the best version of yourself.  After coaching over 500 people, my biggest success stories center around people who become more committed to their emotional and physical well being. In my book the biggest winners are the people who have discovered how to physically feel good, enjoy and love what they are doing.

Personally the books I love to read, the seminars I gravitate to, study how to live a longer healthier life. As I grow older, I believe my commitment becomes stronger and stronger to learning and studying the scientific studies of long lived healthy people and the experts in the field. I am thrilled to help you discover the formula to help you become the best version of yourself . And helping you get the support you need to actually implement the changes you know are necessary. 

Sure, making more money is a sign of success and goals accomplished. However, without health and happiness are you really successful? To me, success is also about being physically and emotionally healthy and happy. Without those things, you’re not really successful. I’m passionate about helping people discover the formula for becoming the best version of themselves and getting the support they need to actually implement the changes they know are necessary. If you’re ready to make a commitment to your health and happiness, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Contact me today to get started!

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