Angela Porrelli

Angela Porrelli

I’m Angela. I’ve been a self-employed business owner since 2007. I am a luxury real estate agent and certified SUCCESS coach. Over the years, I’ve learned what it takes to be successful. I’m also a mom, dog owner, and fitness enthusiast so I understand the importance of balancing work, family, and personal life.

What I love about my career is helping other women succeed. Whether that is in real estate, fitness, health, or business. I love seeing women create meaningful goals with actionable steps.

I understand how it feels to want to be a better mom, to want to have more time for yourself, but not know where to start. Feeling like there’s never enough time in the day all while being CEO of your own business.

In coaching, I will help you create meaningful goals that will impact your life. You will learn how to make time for yourself and honor it. You will level up your business and life by creating clarity of purpose.

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